ElderWeb was created in 1994, and is one of the oldest resources on the web for information about aging and long term care. ElderWeb is a 20+ year-old, award-winning World Wide Web site with thousands of pages of eldercare information. ElderWeb was the first non-governmental Web site on this subject ever developed.

ElderWeb was created by Karen Stevenson, a CPA and a consultant with many years of experience in long term care, finance, and technology.  Over its 20+ years of existence, ElderWeb has grown to include thousands of reviewed links to long term care information, a searchable database of organizations, and an expanding library of articles and reports, news, and events.

This award-winning site is designed to be a research site for both professionals and family members looking for information on eldercare and long term care, and includes links to information on legal, financial, medical, and housing issues, as well as policy, research, and statistics. Thousands of other sites link to ElderWeb as a trusted resource, and it has received numerous Web awards and press mentions.  ElderWeb has been used extensively by journalists and students doing research, and by professionals looking for Internet resources, as well as by family members looking for help for their elderly relatives.

The site has been taken over and is now operated by a group of entrepreneurs and maintained through the consultation and collaboration of industry experts. Elderweb will continue to evolve as more, and different, information becomes available and as the needs of the audience change.

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