COTA National Seniors

COTA National Seniors is the largest seniors federation in Australia with more than 270,000 individual members and over 1500 seniors organisations under its umbrella. It offers members a vast range of services and benefits and is an influential vehicle for contributing to policy debates affecting older people in Australia.

The partnership, effective from 11 December 2002, joined the State and Territory COTAs, COTA Membership Services and Council on the Ageing (Australia) with National Seniors Association into a joint national operation that merged and shared various operations of the eleven organisations. COTA National Seniors Partnership Ltd, formerly known as Council on the Ageing (Australia), coordinates the partnership and its policy work. The National Policy Secretariat has responsibility for the participatory processes via Policy Councils that will determine policy on federal and national issues for all organisations in the partnership.

With its combined individual and organisational membership representing all aspects of Australian seniors interests, COTA National Seniors Partnership has a pre-eminent role in representing, advocating for and serving older people throughout Australia.

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