British Geriatric Society

The Society is the only professional association, in the United Kingdom, of doctors practising geriatric medicine. The 2000 members worldwide are consultants in geriatric medicine, the psychiatry of old age, public health medicine, general practitioners, and scientists engaged in the research of age-related disease.

It was founded in 1947 for “the relief of suffering and distress amongst the aged and infirm by the improvement of standards of medical care for such person, the holding of meetings and the publication and distribution of the results of such research”.

Geriatric Medicine (Geriatrics) is that branch of general medicine concerned with the clinical, preventive, remedial and social aspects of illness in older people. Their high morbidity rates, different patterns of disease presentation, slower response to treatment and requirements for social support call for special medical skills. The purpose is to restore an ill and disabled person to a level of maximum ability and wherever possible return the person to an independent life at home.

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