Glossary beginning with T

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Telephone Reassurance

Friendly calls provided by agencies or volunteers to check up on and offer reassurance, contact, and socialization to elderly people at a predetermined time each day.

Therapeutic Leave

Days when a resident of a nursing facility leaves the facility temporarily for a visit home or a stay in a hospital. Private pay residents are often charged a Bed Hold fee during a leave. Some Medicaid programs reimburse facilities for leave days, and others do not.


One of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The ability get to and from the toilet, get on and off the toilet, and maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene for the body. Necessary activities include getting on and off a toilet or commode and emptying a commode, managing clothing and wiping and cleaning the body after toileting, and using and emptying a bed pan or urinal. An inability to do these activities with or without the aid of equipment constitutes a deficit or need in this area.


One of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Moving from one position to another, like moving from a bed to a wheelchair or sofa or coming to a standing position. If a person can move with the help of equipment such as a cane, walker, crutches, grab bars or other support devices, then he or she is considered able to transfer positions.

Transportation Services

Provide transportation for older adults to services and appointments, using bus, taxi, volunteer drivers, or van services that can accommodate wheelchairs and persons with other special needs.

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