Glossary beginning with R

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Reasonable and Customary Charge

Long term care insurance terminology. This provision limits reimbursement based on what the insurer determines is a reasonable charge for care in the policyholder's geographic area. This limit may or may not be published or available to the policyholder.

Remibursemet Model

A type of Long Term Care Insurance which reimburses costs of covered services for eligible individuals up to a maximum daily amount. In this model, insurance benefits are directly related to the incurred long-term care costs.


The preferred terminology for a person living in a long term care facility, as opposed to a patient.

Residential Care Facility

Terminology used by some states for facilities which provide long term care to residents who cannot live independently, but who need a minimal level of supervision and direction. In some states, this terminology is being changed, and any facility formerly licensed as a RCF will become an Assisted Living Facility.

Respite Care

Short-term care which is needed in order to maintain health or safety of the patient or to provide temporary relief from caregiving duties to a an unpaid, primary Caregiver. Respite Care may include services like Home Care or Adult Day Care, or may include an overnight stay in a Long Term Care Facility.

Reverse Mortgage

A loan program to provide one-time or monthly cash payments for the equity in an older person's home without selling the home. Reverse mortgages provide a stream of income for an older person who has most of their equity tied up in a house and who needs cash for day-to-day expenses. A financial institution will provide a series of monthly payments, based on the value of the house, in exchange for all or part of the ultimate proceeds from the sale of the house.


A program in which a coordinating agency or dispatcher is responsible for matching potential riders with cars or vanpools.

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