Glossary beginning with I

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Income Cap

Terminology for a state that sets Medicaid eligibility at 300% of the SSI limit, and does not allow any Spenddown for people who exceed that level of income, even if they have incomes too low to pay for medical services they require.


Inability to voluntarily control bowel or bladder function.

Indemnity Model

A type of Long Term Care Insurance which pays a fixed level benefit when an individual becomes disabled and long-term care expenses are incurred. The payment may be larger or smaller than the actual cost of services and bears no direct relationship to such expenses.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Core life activities of independent living, including using the telephone, managing money, preparing meals, doing housework, and remembering to take medications.

Intermediate Care

Occasional nursing and rehabilitative care ordered by a doctor and performed or supervised by skilled medical personnel. A less-intensive type of care than Skilled Care, often involving a lot of Personal Care as well as occasional nursing care. Assistance needed for stable conditions that require daily, but not 24-hour, nursing supervision, ordered by a physician and supervised by registered nurses. Services that may be offered in an Intermediate Care Facility.

Intermediate Care Facility

A Nursing Home which provides less-extensive medical care than a Skilled Nursing Facility. ICFs have lower minimum staffing requirements than SNFs, and may not have a Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours a day. ICFs do not provide a level of care which will allow them to be Medicare-certified, but they may be Medicaid-certified.

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