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One of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The ability to wash oneself completely in a tub, a shower or by sponge bath, with or without the aid of equipment. These activities include getting a basin of water, managing faucets, getting in and out of a tub or shower, and reaching head and body parts for soaping, rinsing and drying.

Bed Hold

Reservation of a bed in a nursing facility, often during a therapeutic leave or other temporary absence from the facility. Some facilities also offer bed holds to prospective residents not yet ready to be admitted who want to be sure to have a bed available. Facilities often charge private-paying residents for bed holds at a lower rate than the standard bed rate. Medicare will not pay nursing homes for bed holds, but some state Medicaid programs do.

Bed Reservation Benefit

Long term care insurance terminology. Pays the cost of reserving a place in a care facility, a Bed Hold, if the person needs to be hospitalized during a covered stay.


The individual or organization who is entitled to the benefits or proceeds of a will, trust or insurance policy.

Benefit Period

The number of days or years of coverage included in an insurance policy. Many Long Term Care Insurance policies will offer between three and five years and some will offer lifetime benefits.
<p>Medicare has a different definition of the term. In Medicare, a Benefit Period is a spell or period of illness. Medicare benefits, deductibles and co-insurance are based on a benefit period which begins when a coverable event happens, like a hospitalization, and ends when the person has gone 60 days without the need for coverable services.

Benefit Triggers

Term used by insurance companies to describe when they will begin to pay benefits. In a Long Term Care Insurance policy, the triggers are generally tied to deficits in two or more Activities of Daily Living, or to Cognitive Impairment.

Board and Care Home

Residence, sometimes a single family home, which offers housing and personal care services for a small number of residents. Services like meals, supervision, and transportation are generally provided. In some states, this type of home is classified as an Assisted Living Facility.

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